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Buy when everyone is fearful

Bearish Greed Pte Ltd is a cutting-edge technology company based in Singapore, specializing in options trading analysis. As an Information Technology Consultancy, Bearish Greed is dedicated to providing top-notch software services and consulting solutions for the meticulous analysis of options trading.
We're excited to unveil a major upgrade to our alert script, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing unparalleled options trading analysis. Our enhanced script now boasts the capability to seamlessly handle a staggering 40,000 historical bars. This translates to approximately 10-15 years of data, a substantial leap from our previous capacity of 20,000 historical bars covering about 5-7 years of data.
To ensure the robustness of our strategy, we conducted exhaustive testing on 300+ securities, exploring 100+ configurations over a span of 10-15 years.
The result? A remarkable 3,000,000 trades executed to pinpoint the most profitable configuration for each security.
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Bearish Greed

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